Ivan Meade: A Personal Narrative in Fabrics

The APAPACHO CE y APAPACHO OME candles by Ivan Meade are in a class of their own, a blend of sophistication and sensory singularity.

A candle has the capacity to not only enliven, but also to emotionally narrate the story of a room.This was the philosophy adopted by designer Ivan Meade as he launched his new line of luxury candles. Through close attention to superior quality and 100% natural ingredients, the APAPACHO candles imbue both scent and emotional connection.

Considered the most beautiful world in the Spanish language, APAPACHO harkens back to the traditional Nahuatl tongue and is roughly translated as an “embrace of the soul”

The two iterations of the candle – CE and OME represent the myriad ways that this sensibility can be expressed.

APAPACHO CE – White Amber + Vetiver

APAPACHO OME – Oak Moss + Rosewood

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