Iván Meade’s new signature pillow collection is the culmination of 20 years in the design industry and an expression of his personal aesthetic of timeless European methodology with a sophisticated, modern edge. One of Meade’s fundamental design mantras is a phrase his mother would often use: “Find luxury in what you touch every day.” This deep-rooted philosophy is revealed in the sophisticated materials and patterns of the new line.​ “I have always had a passion for strange and unique forms, particularly those present in nature.” says Meade of his inspiration behind the collection. For the latest release of his eponymous line of lifestyle products, Meade continues his personal narrative with a distinct je ne sais quoi.

Unlike previous launches, this collection has a more exclusive appeal. The pillow collection is not only limited edition, but also largely unavailable for purchase as fabric by the roll; featuring elevated silks and brushed velvets. As has been the case in previous launches, however, every pattern tells a story of inspiration and memories that have made lasting impressions on the designer’s life.

Life is full of intertwining, crossroads and unexpected paths. Thus, the concept for Cruce was formed. This pillow pattern also represents collaboration, layers and growth. Although unpredictable angles and highs-and-lows are formed, a beautiful result is formed that is truly unique. This silk pillow is monochromatic; but not without texture, movement and an air of sophisticated elegance.

Meade’s extensive experience in graphic, industrial, and interior design has provided him with distinctive insight into the intricacies of textile design, allowing him to create a line that is not only unique, but also precisely meets the requirements of interior designers and appeals to the most discerning tastes. In addition to the limitless combinations possible within the line itself, all have been meticulously designed to integrate into other manufacturers’ inventory.

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