APAPACHO CE soothes the soul. Uniting top notes of vetiver and white amber into a heartfelt hug, APAPACHO CE instigates intimate gatherings and reflective contemplation.

The APAPACHO candle line is the result of an exquisite collaboration between a designer and a perfumer, revealing that world class design can be found close to home. Considered the most beautiful word in the Spanish language, the term “Apapacho” harkens back to the traditional Nahuatl tongue and is roughly translated as an “embrace of the soul.”


Aromatic Notes: White Amber + Vetiver

Final Notes: Musk + Black Currant + Sandalwood + Vanilla

Weight: 10 oz

All ingredients are 100% natural and locally sourced where possible.

Additional information


When you first ignite your candle, it is important to make sure that the top layer of wax is thoroughly melted. This takes between 1-2 hours, and will result in a steady burn for the duration of your candle’s “life.”