International Designer Iván Meade launches a delicious new line of Deluxe Organic Chocolates

For immediate release: May 5th, 2017

Iván Meade expands his personal narrative in design with the introduction of a line of chocolates, translating his textile collection onto the palette to delight all your senses. Meade’s new chocolate line is the combination of two of his passions: great design and quality food. As a unique touch, each flavour is a representation of a fabric from his thriving eponymous fabric line that was launched in 2014.


The Collection


The concept behind each pattern in the Iván Meade fabric line is that each pattern has a story to tell about Iván’s influences, history, admirations and aspirations. One of his favourite patterns is Mariposa, which is an ode to Meade’s beloved mother, Maria Celia, and embraces her style of modern interpretations of old classics. The traditional toile-influenced motif juxtaposed against a crisp, Carbón background creates an unexpected beauty. It seems only natural that his mother would impact the flavour as well; her penchant for chocolate with mint after as a post-dinner treat has been translated into a well-loved combination for Mariposa (which is Spanish for butterfly). The dark chocolate is reminiscent of the dark background, while the natural mint flakes playfully dance amongst the surface, as would a butterfly.


Mariposa – Dark Chocolate & Mint


Says Meade of his latest venture: “As a self-proclaimed foodie, quality and variety in flavours and ingredients is of the utmost importance to me. I can also feel confident about having my name on a product that is not only delicious and organic, but also promotes support of local business.”

The chocolate bars are produced by renowned chocolatier, Sylvia Punguntzky of Art Meets Chocolate, based out of the Sunshine Coast, BC. Each chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches using high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally where possible – and are organic, fair-trade, premium products when local procurement is not an option.


Pirita – Almond & Sea Salt


The first run of the Iván Meade Chocolate collection features six patterns with individually corresponding flavours, there is something for everyone within the line, from the familiar (such as Eme’s Salted Caramel and Fleur de Sel) to the exotic (Jinete’s Matcha White, featuring Matcha tea and white chocolate, for example). For the adventurous, you can try each flavour with the purchase of “The Collection” a limited edition package featuring all six deluxe flavours, with an added ‘feel-good’ benefit, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Testicular Cancer Canada.

More details on the chocolates – including details on the patterns and flavours, and their stories – can be seen online at The chocolates will be available at local retailers: Lore, Citizen, Pigeonhole, Calla Design, Tara McHugh Flora, Switzer Cult Creative, and many others; as well as online and at the Iván Meade flagship showroom: Meade Design Group, in the heart of downtown Victoria.



About Iván Meade: Born in Mexico, Iván Meade has been living and working in Victoria, BC and working globally since 1998. As principal designer and founder of Meade Design Group, he has received international and critical acclaim for his work in graphic, interior, and industrial design. Meade Design Group’s work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Style at Home, BC Home, and Design Edge, among others. Meade has also contributed regularly to local lifestyle magazines. Additionally, Meade has created a highly successful niche branding designers and has worked locally, nationally, throughout North America, and in Australia to help more than 20 interior designers develop high-value brands.

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