Salted Caramel & Fleur de Sel – 70% Dark Chocolate


Flavour: Salted Caramel & Fleur de Sel
Chocolate Type: 70% Dark
Size: 70 G
Ingredients: 70% organic, direct traded dark Chocolate from Virunga/Africa) with organic Caramel Nougat Fudge (37% organic & fair traded Cacao Butter Blend and Caramelized/Burnt Sugar)

Also available in “The Collection” with all 6 flavours, with partial proceeds going to Testicular Cancer Canada


Art is all about interpretation – at first, Eme was designed to be a geometric with a subtle ombre chevron as a secondary pattern, but in looking to it for flavour inspiration – it could be argued that it is reminiscent of drizzled caramel.

Wine: Mission Hill – Pinot Noir Reserve or Vin Santo
Coffee: Sumatra
Tea: English Breakfast
Whiskey: Red Breast Single Pot Still 12 Year

For every chocolate bar sold, a tree is planted or protected under the “One Bar : One Tree program”

Check the Eme video in YouTube

Additional information

Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 7.5 × 1.25 cm