Pretzel & Praline – 70% Dark Chocolate


Flavour: Pretzel & Praline
Chocolate Type: 70% Dark
Size: 70 G
Ingredients: 70% organic, direct traded single Origin Virunga/Africa, Organic Dark Chocolate, Pretzels and Nougat Praline

Also available in “The Collection” with all 6 flavours, with partial proceeds going to Testicular Cancer Canada


Escotilla is inspired by tile work, but for flavour inspiration, the linear pattern represents pretzel sticks and the marbleized colour combination of taupes, white and blue are indicative of the warm nutty flavour of the pralines and crispy sea salt.

Wine: Mission Hill – Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve or Madeira
Coffee: Piccolo Latte
Tea: Earl Grey
Whiskey: Jameson Irish

For every chocolate bar sold, a tree is planted or protected under the “One Bar : One Tree program”

Check the video for Escotilla on YouTube.

Additional information

Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 7.5 × 1.25 cm