Matcha Green Tea & Lime – 37% White Chocolate


Flavour: Matcha Green Tea & Lime
Chocolate Type: 37% White Chocolate
Size: 70 G
Ingredients: Organic, direct traded White Chocolate 37% Cacao Butter, single Origin from the Dominican Republic and organic premium  Japanese Matcha Green Tea & Lime

Also available in “The Collection” with all 6 flavours, with partial proceeds going to Testicular Cancer Canada


With it’s elegant subject, creamy background and dainty flourishes, Jinete is the perfect match for this light, tea infused flavour.

Wine: Mission Hill – Limited Edition Viognier  or Reisling
Coffee: Americano
Tea: Matcha
Whiskey: Hakushu Single Malt 12 year

For every chocolate bar sold, a tree is planted or protected under the “One Bar : One Tree program”

Check the video for Jinete on YouTube

Additional information

Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 7.5 × 1.25 cm